Zach Miller

ACE Certified Personal Trainer
2 Time World Champion Bench Presser (USPF National Record Holder)

I have always enjoyed the benefits of an active lifestyle. Growing up I played sports year round and joined the United States Marine Corps at 17 years old. While I was in the military I stayed involved in fitness by competing as a member of the Marine Corps Powerlifting team. While preparing for competitions and helping other lifters, I realized that my true passion was helping other’s achieve their fitness goals. I decided to leave the military to pursue my passion in personal training and fitness. In my opinion there is nothing more rewarding than helping someone who is dissatisfied with their body image, health and self confidence achieve the body and confidence they always wanted.

“Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.” — William Jennings Bryan

Mikey Estrella

Fitness Consultant
American College of Sports Medicine – CPT, CPR-AED

My love for fitness started at the age of 9 breakdancing. I practiced everyday on a piece of cardboard in my parent’s garage. Breakdancing eventually led me into the world of sports. My parents enrolled me into karate, basketball, baseball, and football. I loved them all and played from youth through high school. Since then, I’ve continued my love for breakdancing converting my moves into exercises. I’ve always found that the hardest thing about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle are the choices that come along with them. Tasks such as eating healthier and keeping active on my lazy days can be challenging, but I don’t strive for perfection, I just aim to do better the next day. The power of choice and the want to factor are what I live by. There are always new choices and opportunities to better ourselves. Instead of waiting for that one day to start out fresh, why not make that day everyday?

“If you’re ready to find real fulfillment, now is the time to start your journey.”

Danielle Rainwater

Personal Trainer
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
NPC Bikini Competitor

I was always an active and competitive kid growing up, competing in track and field and national horse shows. But after college ended I missed both the challenge and competition aspect of life that I had growing up. Even if it was just with pushing and competing with myself to beat my own personal best and so began my love for fitness. I decided I was going to take my ISSA Personal Training Certification course because I wanted to gain the knowledge for myself and in turn be able to pass it on to others that want to better themselves and live a happy and healthy life! I love to be able to watch people grow and gain that confident feeling and self love, because to me there is no better feeling in the world.